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What WE offer

We know you would like to master "Kagebushin no Jutsu" so that you can multiply and participate in different exhibitions simultaneously to develop your brand and increase your profits.

Look no further, you've come to the right place! We commit ourselves to represent you at a maximum of exhibitions throughout Europe, especially those that you can't make.
A turnkey sales solution, with an ultra-precise follow-up of each of our sales on the shows we do for you.

You create, we take care of the details.
We make exhibitions for you
We support you in your administrative and legal content
We manage, produce and store all your works in-house
We advise you in your branding development
We set up a monitoring tool
Get your own personal agent
Developp your notoriety,
increase your revenues.

We SELL YOUR ART IN exhibitions
for you.

To ensure quality, we plan together the number and size of exhibitions we represent you for the current year.

You will find all this information directly in the monitoring tool that we will provide you.

we book, plan, manage and sell for you on conventions.

get your own
personnal  agent

#personal agent
In order to be present in a maximum of conventions in Europe, we provide you a personal salesman.

Our smiling salespeople, briefed on your story, are handpicked to ensure your customers' satisfaction and to develop your brand awareness and revenue.

We manage, produce and store all your works in-house

Don't worry about all the logistics. Once the contracts are signed, you will only be asked to send us your files and we will take care of the production.

We have a large storage space that will be assigned to you and the accounts will be kept regularly to ensure a quality follow-up.

Get acces to a unique
monitoring tool

We put at your disposal a follow-up tool developed especially for you.

Be aware of each of our trips, the next conventions, the follow-up of your stocks and the result of the sales. A tool that will change forever your company development and your entrepreneurial mindset.

Just a few clicks to see the entirety your business with us.

Also, enjoy ultra-privileged advantages only available on our tool: Branding support, Art course, development axis, etc...

Get acces to advices on branding development

Developing your communication on the networks is a crucial thing for your brand. But very few focus on the look of the booth.

We help you deploy your brand and make it more attractive to your audience.

Only available to Partner Masterconv Artists.

We support you in your administrative and legal content

We know what an Artist is. Many of us hate the administrative and legal stuff. Complex subjects that often annoy you and prevent you from creating.

That's why Masterconv will also help you in these matters and allow you to get rid of as many constraints as possible.

we help you to Developp your notoriety,
increase your revenues without YOU.

The exhibition lifestyle is really exhausting, which is why Masterconv offers a real artist's "cheat code".

Go on vacation, take a break or spend your time creating for your networks and receive your profits quarterly without lifting a finger.

Thanks to our 360° support, you won't be able to deal without us.


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