Entertain the visitors with passion.

Masterconv. was born from the desire to make the events more attractive to the public.

Whether it be on the visitors or exhibitors' side, we have identified several matters. We have made these problems our priority & worked on solutions to solve them.

● Animations directed by professionals related to the theme of your convention, according to your colors, whose participants leave with free gifts!

● The art of famous artists claimed by your visitors will take place in your sales space!

We help famous artists to sell their art in Europe.

Masterconv is your sales partner and takes care of all the events you can't to do, for you. We manage the logistics, the inventory, the reservations of all kinds, the sales, and the financial management.

Take advantage of ultra-exclusive benefits completely free of charge.

You can focus on what matters most, your Art.
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Animations according to the theme of your event.

Score a difference and offer something unique to your visitors.
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