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We experienced and observed the cultural aspects of Events.
 Whether it be on the visitors or exhibitors' side, we have identified several matters.
 MasterConv has made these problems its priority &  worked on solutions to solve them.


  • Spend less.
  • Enjoy more.
  • Take part in the activities related to the event.
  • Feel involved in something unique and special.
  • Leave event with gifts.


  • Bring visitors & satisfy their desires.
  • Pick original animations related to your event.
  • Find artists superstar related to your event.
  • Bring visitors back.
  • Grow your notoriety.

We've found keys.

MasterConv's strength comes from its human relationships, its artistic knowledge and its expertise related to events expectations.

We understand exhibition's needs, we offer adapted solutions.

Artist's show

Bring more visibility to your event by entertaining your public with an amazing show of a renowned artist. Success guaranteed !

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Score a difference and offer something unique to your visitors.
Choose or custom adequate animation for your event! 

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Extra services

Communication visuals needs for your events. take advantage of the expertise of our artistic network to easily boost your business.

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