Our animations.

The Mangaka's Workshop


New animation incoming

Animation's concept.

Our current animations are based on sharing of artistic knowledge. 

We are currently developing other animation poles such as craft or virtual reality animations. 

Our arts and crafts events have the sole aim that visitors learn how to make something unique and that they leave events happy, their creations in their hands.

Create or custom your animation.

  • - Our goal is to offer animations based on all kinds of knowledge by adapting them to make them accessible to all audiences.

  • - You wish an advice/help to create, innovate or bring a specific animation? We have solutions.

  • - An animation seems interesting for your event? You wish you could personalize it? Just ask us.

Loyal visitors don't just come back to you. They don't just recommend you. They insist so their friends come to you.

Interested in one of our animations? 

You would like to know more? Call us on +(33)6 50 22 61 99 or send an email to contact@masterconv.com
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