The Mangaka's Workshop is an area open to everyone for an initiation to the manga drawing style. This workshop provides all the necessary stuff to start drawing a manga. For young and old ones, the workshop will be an amazing experience to discover the essential step to realize a manga. And everyone that will try the experience will leave the stand with his creation.

Project details.

From 18m² to 40m².
Pro Pens & Shits from "LeKitduMangaka"
Mangaka's Master:
Depend of you.
The first pages of their manga.
Number of animators:
From 2 to 6 (depend of the area to cover).
Average time of the activity:
20 minutes.

The running of the Mangaka's workshop.

Our workshop will consist of a visitor reception area and a drawing area. In the reception area will be placed the material from "LeKitduMangaka", manga boards, silhouettes of characters and white sheets, on which we will base our initiation to manga drawing. 
In the drawing area, there will be tables, chairs and the tools necessary to make a manga board. The initiates will be accompanied by one or more professional artists. The activity will last on average 20 minutes and depending on the chosen formula the workshop will be able to welcome between 10 to 30 people at the same time. 

What is customisable.

- You have the option to book a mangaka master to animate the stand and share all his experience. 

- 2 to 6 confirmed animators/drawers depending on the chosen formula. They will be there to assist the aspiring artists wishing to stop at the stand.

- Several times a day, manga drawing lessons on velleda board can be organized and anyone can attend.

Interested in the mangaka's workshop? 

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